The Little School



18 months to 2 years-7 months old

Chelsea Randall

Miss Chelsea encourages her toddlers to explore and discover through hands-on active learning experiences. She believes that play enables children to weave together past knowledge and new information to acquire new understanding and skill development.

A few things Miss Chelsea loves to do with her toddler class:

  • Do art projects
  • Use play-doh
  • Story time
  • Music time with instruments and dancing

Older Toddler

2 years-7 months to 3 years old
(Those not 3 by Sept 1st)

Shahzoda Sameeva

Bodies are meant to be busy, and they sure are in Miss Ginni’s preschool class. Whether playing music, story time, crafts, or working on the letter/theme of the week, these kids are always exercising their minds and bodies. Many skills are learned through play, so play is the main focus in this class. As they grow, Miss Ginni encourages side-by-side play to become interactive play.

About Miss Shahzoda’s class:

  • Each week has an engaging theme; generally science or social studies based.
  • Focuses on important skills such as transitions, sharing and taking turns.
  • Introduction of shapes and colors, counting, matching, sorting and other beginning math and language concepts.
  • Introduction of sensory activities to help keep the children engaged and allow them the opportunity to explore and discover.
  • The children are introduced to the letters of the alphabet through songs and activities.

Preschool (Must be 3 by Sept 1st)

3 to 4 years old

Kimberly Sperling
Assistant Director/Teacher
Disha Burk
Leana Hall
Teacher Assistant

Our preschool classes are developing their independence. They are learning important social skills, such as productive play, taking turns, navigating conflict, and using words to express feelings. They are also learning to show empathy for others.

About our Preschool Classes:

  • The children have a theme each week with crafts, activities and stories to accompany the theme.
  • Playtime is guided to help the children as they learn to interact and play with one another and manage conflicts
  • Skills they will work on include: counting, 1:1 correspondence, sorting, sequencing, patterns, opposites, shapes, colors, and an introduction to letters and numbers.
  • The children are taught responsibility and teamwork by helping with small tasks in the classroom.

Pre-Kindergarten (Must be 4 by Sept 1st)

4 to 5 years old

Heather Brandt
Director/ Teacher
Allyssa Milnes
Jean Carter
Firuza Fazilova

Our pre-kindergarten classes are working hard to prepare for kindergarten! Our professional teachers work with the children to build on their already improving social skills. They learn to play cooperatively, take turns, work out differences, and show respect for one another. The teachers are consistently fostering confidence and independence which we hope will help empower their students for their future! It is during this year that the teachers also increase focus on pre-reading, early math skills, and scientific discovery skills to give them a solid foundation for the start of kindergarten.

You don’t want to miss Circle Time in Pre-K! It is here where they review and plan the blue print of their day. This includes:

  • Daily jobs
  • Calendar math
  • Alphabet dancing
  • Discussion of themes
  • Reviewing lessons learned with music