The Little School



18 months to 2 years-7 months old

Mrs. Karen Steslow
Teacher (Since 1976)

Mrs. Steslow encourages her toddlers to explore and discover through hands-on active learning expriences. She believes that play enables children to weave together past knowledge and new information to acquire new understanding and skill development.

A few things Mrs. Steslow loves to do with her toddler class:

  • Use building blocks
  • Play dress-up
  • Do Art projects
  • Story Time
  • Music time with instruments and dancing


2 years-7 months to 3 years old
(must be 3 years of age before Jan 31st)

Ashlee Connelly
Teacher (Since 2018)
Kimberly Resto
Teacher Aid (Since 2018)

The Nursery room is where you want to be during lunchtime! It’s Miss Connelly’s favorite time of day. She and the children really have an opportunity to talk and listen to one another. They talk about their family, healthy eating, favorite foods, and manners.

Miss Connelly has a unique approach to teaching her class:

  • She introduces her students math through what’s called “snack counting.”
  • They also are taught responsibility and teamwork by helping with small tasks in the classroom.
  • They play, hear stories, work on art projects, learn songs, and work on projects to strengthen fine motor skills among other things.


3 to 4 years old

Mrs. Kimberly Sperling
Teacher (Since 2009)

Bodies are meant to be busy, and they sure are in Mrs. Sperling’s preschool class. Whether playing music, story time, crafts, or working on the letter/theme of the week, these kids are always exercising their minds and bodies.

Mrs. Sperling loves to teach these 3 and 4 year olds:

  • Counting, sequencing, numbers and letter recognition
  • Letter sounds
  • Pre-reading
  • Using the calendar, weather charts and their fingers during circle time
  • Show-and-tell


4 to 5 years old

Mrs. Kimberly Knopf
Director (Since 1996)
Mrs. Ellen Cuffari
Teacher (Since 2001)

Mrs. Knopf and Mrs. Cuffari prepare their students for what lies ahead in elementary school using basic routines that do include some challenges. They believe these tools will help empower their students for their future!

You don’t want to miss Circle Time in Pre-K! It is here where they review and plan the blue print of their day. This includes:

  • Daily jobs
  • Calender math
  • Alphabet jive
  • Discussion of themes
  • Reviewing lessons learned with music